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Dreamlike Illustrations for Green Lovers in search of Inspiration

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#3 - Gardens and Parks Illustration World Tour : Jim Thompson House Garden - Bangkok

As the year draws to a close, I find myself immersed in a snowy landscape enveloped in a cozy fog here in Quebec. Yet, in the garden I'm about to describe to you, the temperature is probably around 30 degrees Celsius, and the residents have already joyously embraced the arrival of the new year. Nestled amidst the vibrancy of Bangkok, this garden stands out as one of the city's remarkable treasures. Much like many bustling cities in Asia, Bangkok is known for its energetic pace. In the midst of this lively metropolis, a sanctuary that blends tranquility with the refreshing shade of trees is a precious luxury. It offers a haven of peace from the overwhelming tropical heat.

On that particular day, fortune smiled upon us as we discovered an enchanting and timeless haven: Jim Thompson's house in Bangkok. Following our exploration of this exquisite residence, the rest of the day unfolded beneath the soothing shade of the lush garden.

Amidst the serenity, my children delighted in feeding the pond turtles and attentively observed the art of silk spinning. The charming young ladies taught us with great kindness the beautiful steps of Thai dances.

A single, yet profoundly meaningful, word captures the essence of that experience: HARMONY.


Jim Thompson, an American architect, arrived in Asia during the final hours of the Second World War and chose to establish himself in the region. Fueled by a passion for Southeast Asian arts, he amassed an extensive collection of artifacts. Thompson's profound fascination with Thai silk led him to establish a successful company, significantly contributing to the growth of the silk industry in Thailand. His impact on the country was so significant that he was later honored for rendering exceptional service to Thailand.


The Jim Thompson House museum in Bangkok comprises a collection of six ancient traditional teak houses, relocated from various regions in Thailand. Elegantly perched on stilts, these houses are designed to withstand the floods during the rainy season.

Jim Thompson meticulously adhered to every Thai traditional and religious ritual. This included the installation of a beautiful spirit house within the gardens of his residence. In Thailand, each house has its own spirit house, serving as the dwelling place for the guardian spirit. Daily offerings, such as garlands of flowers, incense and prayers, are made to honor and appease this spirit.

Following Jim Thompson's mysterious disappearance in 1967 in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, his residence was transforemd into a private museum. Today, it stands as a captivating destination for Bangkok's visitors.

Jim Thompson's dedication to promoting the art of silk manufacturing in Thailand has ensured its enduring legacy. The thriving silk industry in the country owes much of its continuity to his impactful contribution.


Two years ago I draw a picture from this memory. This first illustration was showing a girl offering flowers to the spirit house in Jim Thompson’s garden. For the second illustration, I wanted to show a bit more of the teakwood houses, the pond, and the luxuriant garden. I tried to link those two illustrations by using the same colourful harmony and the same patterns. Two years separate them but Jim Thompson's spirit is still there...

If you find yourself in Bangkok, make sure not to overlook this remarkable destination. Take your time, savor the experience, and relish every moment spent exploring both the intricacies of the house and the serenity of its garden. It's truly a gem that should not be missed.


  1. Capture Distinctive Features of the House: Select key architectural elements to reproduce parts of the house. Focus on showcasing the unique aspects that make it special.

  1. Spirit House Resonance: Ensure the spirit house is portrayed authentically and with reverence. Capture the essence of the daily offerings, maintaining the spiritual significance tied to this cultural practice.

  2. Lush Garden Greenery: Include iconic plants from the luxuriant garden, seamlessly blending nature within the heart of a bustling city. Pay attention to the details of the flora that make the garden distinctive.

  3. Thai Ladies: Showcase their traditional attire and perhaps depict them engaged in activities that reflect the essence of the place.

  4. The Turtle Pond: Don't forget to include the turtles' pond, maybe you won't see them but I know they are resting in the shadow.

These elements will not only try to bring the illustrations to life but also represent the unique charm of Jim Thompson's house and garden in Bangkok.


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