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#6 - Stopover in Kyoto: Daigo-Ji Garden Illustration

Welcome to the Gardens and Parks Illustration World Tour Project. Today, our virtual journey lands us in Kyoto, Japan, where the mesmerizing Daigo-ji Temple takes center stage. And let me tell you, the gardens surrounding this temple are nothing short of exceptional, offering a glimpse into the unparalleled beauty of Japanese traditional parks.

Daigo-ji temple garden illustration
Daigo-ji temple garden illustration

Dear Fellow Creative Explorers,

This illustration is a new chapter in my ongoing exploration of the world's most enchanting gardens and parks. I aim to transport you to the heart of Kyoto, inviting you to stroll through these sacred grounds and experience the tranquility that emanates from Daigo-ji Temple gardens. This is a special stop on our tour, created as part of an art challenge organized by Jehanes_ltd where the theme for this leg is "Tokyo story." I decided to take a detour to Kyoto, capturing the essence of Daigo-ji and its serene surroundings.

The prompts for this challenge were : 

  • Japanese Inspiration

  • Representation of the golden ginkgo tree

As I embarked on this artistic adventure armed with my iPad Pro and Procreate, I was captivated by the landscape that envelops the temple. The small altar dedicated to the goddess of creativity and music becomes a focal point, surrounded by vibrant mountain maples and the elegant branches of ginkgo trees. It's a scene that embodies the very spirit of Japanese traditional parks – a harmonious blend of nature, spirituality, and artistic inspiration.

In crafting this illustration, my goal was to create more than just a visual experience. I wanted to extend an invitation to immerse yourself in the garden and momentarily escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Let your imagination guide you through the tranquil paths of Daigo-ji's sacred grounds.

Feel the cool breeze rustling the leaves, hear the distant murmur of the temple, and let the vibrant colours transport you to a place where time slows down. I've intentionally designed the composition to encourage wandering eyes, go deeper and deeper, and pausing to absorb the serenity of the scene.

So, as you explore this illustration, allow yourself the luxury of forgetting the rest of the world for a while. Find solace in the embrace of nature, lose yourself in the beauty of Daigo-ji's gardens, and let the illustration be a sanctuary where you can momentarily find peace.

Want to see a step by step process line ?



  1. A Famous and Recognizable Element : The Iconic Bentendo Hall.

  2. Ginkgo Tree Golden Leaves.

  3. An Invitation to Wander in the Garden and Forget the World


In the next post we'll embark on a new adventure, exploring the enchanting national parks of New Zealand... will you join me ?

See you soon, and meanwhile...

Don't forget to plant beauty in the gardens of your mind.


Daigo-ji temple garden illustration colour palette
Daigo-ji temple garden illustration colour palette


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