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Dreamlike Illustrations for Green Lovers in search of Inspiration

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Challenging yourself

Life often sweeps us away in the rhythm of daily routines, and it's all too easy to let months slip by unnoticed. We all have grand ideas and projects that we know could lead to our goals, yet the persistent tendency to procrastinate creeps in. We attempt to manage it by compiling never-ending to-do lists. You're familiar with that list, right? The one we rewrite daily, scratching off one item only to add ten more. The list that seems to have no end.

I've wrestled with this list for too long, and as it continues to grow, the projects closest to my heart remain endlessly postponed. The time has come to discard this futile to-do list.

I've chosen a different path.

First things first, I discarded my old, dusty to-do list and replaced it with a fresh, vibrant one. It might seem like falling into the same spiral of madness, but there's a twist. This new list is special; it includes only projects that truly matter to me—ones I genuinely want to achieve.

And this is where the birth of this blog comes into play.

Having traversed the globe for many years, living in various cities and continents, my fondest memories, my greatest inspiration, have always been gardens and parks. So, I've decided to tap into these memories to create something more significant.

I'm embarking on an illustrated series that I call "My Personal Illustrated World Tour of Inspiring Gardens and Parks for Creative People."

This tour will span from vast national parks to quaint private gardens. Any piece of land where nature thrives with love is a contender - making the list seemingly endless.

It won't be an exhaustive list of gardens to visit, and there won't be a specific order. Instead, I'll let inspiration and memories guide my choice of places to illustrate.

One thing is for sure: drawing with joy is my key!

Will you join me on this journey?

Our first stop on this road is Malaysia... Welcome aboard!




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