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Dreamlike Illustrations for Green Lovers in search of Inspiration

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#2 - On the Way to the Spice World: Tropical Spice Garden - Part 2

Spices are treasures harvested from some of my favorite plants.

When it came to illustrating the Tropical Spice Garden, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity to dedicate a special post to these aromatic wonders. This is why I had to stop a little bit longer in Penang's Tropical heaven, just to dive deeper into the Spice World.

Now close your eyes and take a deep breath. Recall the first time you caught the scent of peppercorn, curry, cinnamon and all those delightful fragrances, and let's see how spices can inspired illustration.


  • Illustrating spice plants with colourful gouache

  • Including a famous and recognizable focus point of the Tropical Spice Garden : The Blue Door

  • Designing two magazine articles with illustrations :

  • one about the Tropical Spice Garden

  • one to inspire travelers, and introduce them to the world of spices in certain gardens across Southeast Asia.


Looking forward to our next destination on the Gardens & Parks Illustration World Tour. See you soon!



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