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Dreamlike Illustrations for Green Lovers in search of Inspiration

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#4 - Gardens and Parks Illustration World Tour : Mr & Mrs P. garden - Nantes - France

In the summer of 2021, my family and I left France. Like anyone in a similar situation, transitioning from one country to another meant spending a few weeks in transit, essentially homeless. It's not just a change of residence, it's more like a transformation in life. Such moments often bring stress and a sense of vulnerability. That's why finding comfort with family and friends is crucial. Fortunately, we were blessed to have such support once again. The home of our friends Mr and Mrs P. in Nantes became my refuge during the summer of 2021 before the significant departure. Their garden in particular became a delightful wellspring of inspiration for my drawings.

All the boxes were fully packed, yet I always make sure to have some gouache, pencils, and sketchbooks on hand. Summer is the ideal season for outdoor drawing sessions, and being nestled in a private garden suits me perfectly as I am still a bit reserved about drawing in public. I don't feel at ease when someone peers over my shoulder to see what's happening in my sketchbook ☺️.

The outcome of this outdoor session differs from my usual creations, but it's also more spontaneous and liberating.

Would you like to join me in this garden sketchbooking experience? Let's embark on this journey together.


Outdoor sketchbooking session


It's not an easy task, especially when you're not entirely comfortable and don't have all the supplies readily available on your desk. The main challenge lies in the fact that it's typically a time-limited session. Nature is ever-changing and even returning a few days later can present a different scene. Weather is also a crucial factor as it can alter the entire scenery and abruptly cut short your session if rain unexpectedly arrives.

Yet, the most unsettling aspect for me is the potential for spectators—particularly when drawing in a park or on the street. While I'd love to draw effortlessly with people observing my work in progress over my shoulder, I'm not quite at ease with it yet. Thus, the best solution for me is to sketch on the spot only in restricted or private places like the one mentioned. Otherwise, I capture the atmosphere of the place through pictures and notes. This becomes a bit challenging when you have a penchant for drawing parks and gardens! I hold out hope that one day I'll feel at ease drawing in public areas without experiencing stress...



  • Basic art supplies ready to use : a dried gouache palette, a set of approximately 10 colour pencils, a panoramic format sketchbook - it's great for landskapes -

  • A sunny day 🌞 - difficult to stay outdoor drawing on a rainy day! Summer 2021 was very rainy but I was lucky enough to get at least 1 sunny weekend

  • A comfortable camping chair and a mini table - of course it's always possible to draw on your knees sitting on the ground but if you plan to stay drawing for more than 1 hour or if you just want to be comfortable a chair is definitely a good option

  • A great outdoor scenery... and if you can add great memories to the place you are drawing it is even better. I was lucky to have both on that day 😃



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