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Green-fingered        Illustrator 

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Dreamlike Illustrations for Green Lovers in search of Inspiration


Who's Behind the Brush?

I'm a French illustrator and graphic designer, now living and working in Quebec (Canada). I grew up in the North of France surrounded by greenhouses but I needed to spread my wings and fly away. This allowed me to discover incredible countries and grow my roots all over the world. 

Intention : I'd like to design a poetic universe made of hidden secret gardens where the spectator can take a break from the restless world. I wish my illustrations can spread a part of the peace and happyness I feel in a garden.

Inspiration : Nature is definitively my favourite source of inspiration. It took me quite some time before I realize that plants, trees and flowers were my best source of peacefulness, joy and inspiration.

Thanks to them I create colourful and detailed scenes inspired by my favourite gardens & parks from around the world. I love plants' vibrant colours and patterns, they are just magical!

Creation process : My work is mainly based on traditional medias (gouache, acrylic paint, colour pencils, watercolour, crayons...) combined with a touch of digital tools. Some illustrations can also be 100% digital, made on Ipad with Procreate or Fresco.

Challenge : I'm working on a series of illustrations highlighting my favourite parks and gardens around the world. They can be famous or unknown, huge of tiny, if they bring joy and inspiration they need to be on my list.


Tialyn : Why Tialyn? This is certainly not a French name. In fact it is the name I was given by my friends when I moved to Taïwan and I adopted it immediately. Tialyn 嘉琳 means Beautiful Jade in chinese and it carries in his heart the key of the forest. This name is all made of green colour and natural elements. No other name could be closer to who I am. 

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